Free MCAT Resources

Between June 1 st – July 30, 2020, Thalia’s Medicine collected new and used MCAT books and resources for URM (underrepresented minorities) and low SES pre-medical students in Southern California & the Central Valley.

The Black Lives Matter movement brought to light many institutional problems in medicine and academia that need to be addressed and changed to increase BIPOC representation in the medical schools.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to donate free books and materials to 24 students. We decided not to take photos of the students receiving the resources out of respect and confidentiality. However, all of the students were very thankful and touched by the generosity of the donors.

We hope to continue this mission next year. And for students that did not receive books this Summer, please check back in June 2021.

Lastly, thank you to all of our donors! You are making a big difference and paying it forward.

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