Sports Bra Donations

Thalia’s Medicine collected donations to buy sports bras for women in psychiatric hospitals. Due to the safety of patients and others, many hospitals prohibit items, such as shoelaces, belts, and underwire bras.

Women that do not have the appropriate bra or sports bra do not wear a bra. Unfortunately, the stigma towards mental health, the homeless, and persons with substance abuse in our society affects our patients.

Despite their mental health conditions, these women are just like you and me. They are someone’s mother, sister, grandmother, or aunt. They deserve the dignity of feeling comfortable and supported. We hope to provide a little bit of comfort by providing them with sports bras or giving them the option of having one available.

Thanks to your help, we raised over 400 dollars and were able to purchased 108 sports bras. 18 sports bras in 5 different sizes and 4 different colors (white, tan, green and grey).

Women at this psychiatric hospital will now have the option of having sports bra available to them if they want one or need one.

Thank you for your support! We appreciate you!

-Thalia Fabian

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